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Rivesti makes environmentally friendly mosaic tiles from recycled PET plastic bottles. Rivesti product design merges sustainability, quality and sophistication. It's an innovative brand for people who seek originality and modernity.

We take our inspiration from the creativity of mankind, the natural environment and from our passions for innovation and for architecture. We believe that the experience of living in ethical, beautiful and personalized spaces can bring us joy. We can and we must explore new materials that are better better suited to new ways of living.




Rivesti Pet
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Creative Freedom

As well as the 33 colors from the Rivesti catalogue, it is also possible to order any Pantone color to suit special projects. Rivesti mosaic tiles offer a vast array of choice and unique chromatic effects.

Rivesti Biogeography

The Rivesti color catalogue takes its inspiration from the Brazilian flora. It aims to celebrate the biodiversity of Brazil as well as to encourage reflection on the kind of world we want to leave for future generations.
Brazilian vegetation acounts for 22% of the diversity of flora in the world, encapsulating more than 53,000 known plants.
The most botanically diverse area in the country is the Atlantic Forest, along the Brazilian coastline, with 19,300 species of plant. The Amazon Region (in the north of the country) comes second with 13,300 varieties. The Cerrado (a vast tropical savanna in the centre of Brazil) is home to 12,600 species. The Caatinga (semi-arid area in interior northeastern Brazil) contains around 5,200 species. The Pampa (wide plains in the south of the country) houses 1,900 species, while some 1,200 species are found in the Pantanal swamplands (Brazilian central west region).
Unfortunately, at least a thousand plants are in danger of disappearing in the coming years, and half of these in what is left of the Atlantic Forest.

Bioma Amazon Region

Bioma Cerrado

Bioma Pantanal Swamplands

Bioma Atlantic Forest

Bioma Caatinga

Bioma Pampa

Mapa Rivesti


Amazon Region




Pantanal Swamplands

Atlantic Forest

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